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We believe in the power of learning from those who’ve been in our shoes. This podcast interview series features security executives with a broad set of backgrounds, from hyper-growth startups to established enterprises. Through these interviews, learn how industry experts overcame obstacles, navigated their infosec careers, and created an impact in their organizations.

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Learn how to further your security expertise, hear best practices from thought leaders, and learn what to expect when pursuing a career path in the security industry.
Our goal is to share learnings and provide mentorship at scale. 

For security professionals, this podcast provides a unique lens into the security landscape, uncovering career-accelerating insights. 

S1E1 - "Security is a mindset" - Ty Sbano, Part 1

Sisense Chief Security & Trust Officer, Ty Sbano, joins us to discuss his path to the CISO role: his early beginnings,  learnings on the job, and how to find the right balance while building a career.

S1E2 - "You have unlimited questions left" - Ty Sbano, Part 2

Sisense Chief Security & Trust Officer Ty Sbano returns for the second part of his interview on finding community within the infosec industry, plus some must-listen security podcasts, and more.

S1E3 - The OODA Loop with J.J. Agha

Compass Chief Information Security Officer J.J. Agha sits down with us to share some of the most important learnings from his career as a security leader: the many practical applications of the OODA loop in infosec, how COVID is forcing us all to become better communicators, and more.

S1E4 - Lisa Hawke joins CISO Insider

Everlaw VP of Security and Compliance Lisa Hawke chats with us on CISO Insider in January 2021.

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Jan. 20th, 2021

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