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We believe in the power of learning from those who’ve been in our shoes. This podcast interview series features security executives with a broad set of backgrounds, from hyper-growth startups to established enterprises. Through these interviews, learn how industry experts overcame obstacles, navigated their infosec careers, and created an impact in their organizations.

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Learn how to further your security expertise, hear best practices from thought leaders, and learn what to expect when pursuing a career path in the security industry. 

Our goal is to share learnings and provide mentorship at scale. 

For security professionals, this podcast provides a unique lens into the security landscape, uncovering career-accelerating insights. 

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S3E3 - The DLP journey with Brent Lassi

Bluecore CISO Brent Lassi joins CISO Insider to talk about his security journey. We discuss everything from the earliest days of application security to modern cloud security and the need for data hygiene. Brent provides a great overview of the extent to which security culture has transformed over the last two decades, including how tools like data loss prevention are adapting to a cloud-first world.

CISO Insider S3EP2 thumbnail - Lisa Hall

S3E2 - Driving diversity in infosec with Lisa Hall

Lisa Hall joins CISO Insider for a deep dive into what diversity in infosec really means beyond just hiring to fill quotas. We also chat about why leaders should make and maintain connections within the industry and turning the restrictions of COVID into a positive with recruiting wins.

S3E1 - Radical transparency with Robert Former

Acquia VP of Security and CISO Robert Former shares how radical transparency has helped him at every step of his career: making the right decisions for his org by accepting the right levels of risk, effectively managing data security and compliance in a Platform as a Service environment, and maintaining the connections necessary to make remote work successful. 

S2E7 - Season 2 Recap

Our season 2 recap features the best quotes and highlights from CISO Insider's six episodes in season 2. We gathered insights, lessons, and other valuable soundbites from CISOs and security leaders at Even Financial, Segment, MongoDB, One Main Financial, and Datadog. Hear from our brilliant guests and make sure to catch their episodes featuring our full interviews for a deep dive into cybersecurity, leadership, and much more.  

S2E6 - Data is trust with Emilio Escobar

Datadog CISO Emilio Escobar joins CISO Insider for a discussion on data security approaches for today’s cloud-first world. Emilio shares how he sees infosec: creating security responses based on people and teams over brute force blocking of apps and systems. This approach allows Datadog to defeat the enemy of complexity in IT service quality, and helps build a more inclusive culture at the company. We get into this and more in our chat with Emilio.

S2E5 - A Community of cybersecurity with Michelle Valdez

One Main Financial CISO Michelle Valdez joins CISO Insider to discuss building a community of cybersecurity, increasing resiliency and reducing human risk to minimize the impact of security incidents, and how she built this approach to cybersecurity from her long career that began in the Air Force and now includes her work in fintech in the private sector.

S2E4 - A Risk-based approach to aata security with Chris Sandulow 

MongoDB Deputy CISO Chris Sandulow joins CISO Insider for a discussion on the challenges and opportunities he faces in his everyday work as a data and security steward. Hear how a risk-based approach to issues and productivity flexibility allows Chris' teams do their best work as security practitioners and as individuals, plus a lot more.

S2E3 - Controlling your affect with Coleen Coolidge, Part 2 

Segment CISO Coleen Coolidge returns for part 2 of our chat to discuss what it takes for CISOs to be successful in ever-changing times: planning for the post-COVID world, managing obstacles to success like investing in mental health, and building resilience and social education, and more. 

S2E2 - Assuming good risk as a CISO with Coleen Coolidge, Part 1

Segment CISO Coleen Coolidge joins us to talk about what she’s learned on her journey in cybersecurity: why doing compliance well is an affirmation that your team is doing security the right way, approaching mergers and acquisitions as the acquirer with a learning mindset, and the bravery that’s required for CISOs to excel as people managers and security practitioners. 

S2E1 - A Passion for security with Mitch Zahler

Even Financial Chief Information Security Officer Mitch Zahler kicks off Season 2 of CISO Insider with insights into how living through the last year of COVID has impacted cybersecurity, why concise communication is essential for security leaders, and a great story on the first CISO — how security got a seat at the executive table.

S1E6 - CISO Insider Season 1 recap

Listen to our season 1 recap episode, featuring the best quotes and highlights from our first five episodes in season 1. We gathered insights, lessons, and other valuable soundbytes from infosec leaders at Sisense, Compass, LifeOmic and Caterpillar Financial.

S1E5 - "There's no one way to be a CISO" with Ross Young

Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation Chief Information Security Officer Ross Young shares his learnings from a career in both the public and private sectors, like how to develop shared goals and alignment within a security organization, why soft skills and people skills are essential for building relationships, and how introspection can make great managers.

S1E4 - Change management and risk triage with Lisa Hawke

LifeOmic Chief Legal Officer Lisa Hawke joins CISO Insider to discuss the hidden skills necessary to succeed as an infosec leader, how working in environmental law prepared her for disaster recovery and business continuity as a security and compliance leader, and more.

S1E3 - The OODA Loop with J.J. Agha

Compass Chief Information Security Officer J.J. Agha sits down with us to share some of the most important learnings from his career as a security leader: the many practical applications of the OODA loop in infosec, how COVID is forcing us all to become better communicators, and more.

S1E2 - "You have unlimited questions left" with Ty Sbano, Part 2

Sisense Chief Security & Trust Officer Ty Sbano returns for the second part of his interview on finding community within the infosec industry, plus some must-listen security podcasts, and more.

S1E1 - "Security is a mindset" with Ty Sbano, Part 1

Sisense Chief Security & Trust Officer, Ty Sbano, joins us to discuss his path to the CISO role: his early beginnings,  learnings on the job, and how to find the right balance while building a career.

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